Photography has been a part of my life since 2000. Since I have worked as a middle and senior manager in the insurance sector in corporate companies, keeping business discipline and promise has been a pioneer in getting quality results. Photography took place in my life within this discipline.

Why was Hulki Muradi Photography & Art founded ..?

This business was first opened in Mersin on 30 November 2017. We have a mission to develop a philosophy of photography and thought, to bring together photographers’ presentations with art lovers, and to be able to shoot quality photographs. You can open an exhibition, take a coffee break, and have a conversation with art and photography in our gallery.

Outdoor (Domestic and Abroad) Bride and Child, I would like to state that we can provide services for aerial shooting and promotional films with the drone with our expert business partners, as well as Baby, Family, Industrial photographs in the studio and at home. It is at your service in our studio prepared with advanced devices. Also, stay on the frame with “Hulki Muradi Photography” for different and different routes on photo shooting trips.