Cappadocia Photo Tours (26 – 28 JULY 2020)

Kayseri̇ Wild Yilki Horses – Sultan Sazliği National Park Cappadocia – Salt Lake.

Kyrgyz Marquees
Photography -discover & Gourmet Tour
3 Days (26-28 July 2020)

What do you think about photographing the majesty of almost 300 Yılkı horses in the middle of the Anatolia like a piece of films or documentaries?
Are you ready to watch and photograph the great scenes of the WINTER SLEEP film which is NuriBilge CEYLAN’s Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival?
Anadolu’ya Yolculuk, organizing YILKIHORSES PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP under the leadership of Nuri Çorbacıoğlu, who AFIAP award-winning photographer.
On the whites nows on winter,between the water son spring,in a huge dust cloud non the summer…
We will also visit Kyrgyz Marquees inNevşehirdistrict which is like hundred years ago Central Asia Tradition! The magical eternity and powerful reflections of the Salt Lake with a horseman or with a model.
A visual feast and atmosphere you cannot even imagine!
This organization is organized by Nuri Çorbacıoğlu in cooperation Middle Earth Travel which licensed by TURSAB A group, firm number 3242.


-Meeting at the Kayseri Erkilet Airport (on afternoon)
-Accommodation at the hotel
-A special breakfast of Turkish Cuisine (In the Hürmetçi Village)
-Photographing the Yılki Horses in their natural environment at sunset in theHürmetçi Village (more than 300 Yılkı Horses)
-Transition to Kayseri
-Dinner (Local tastes from Kayseri Cuisine, Çemen’s Restaurant)
-Accommodation (Nov Hotel Kayseri)

-Transition to Cappadocia (1 hour away from Kayseri)
-Landscape and balloons photographing at the sunrise
-Check in to new hotel(Cave Hotels)
-Breakfast and a little rest time
-Transition to Salt Lake (About two hours)
-Lunch in a restaurant in Aksaray (Special Turkish Steak)
-Photographing horses or other special subjects like ballerina or model on the lake with their reflections at the sunset (3-4 horses)
-Dinner in a way station (Free to choose from the menu)
-Return to Cappadocia
-Back to the hotel
-Star exposure workshop at the best points of Cappadocia if desired.

-Photographing the balloons, horses and horseman in different places at the sun rise inCappadocia,SwordsValleyandLove Valley
-Breakfast at the hotel
-A little rest time
-Transition toNevşehir, Kyrgyz Village
-Lunch with special Kirgiz Cuisine in the tent(SpecialCuisine ofCentralAsia)

-PhotographingKirgiz Village and the local cultural life of people
-Photographing horses and horse man with cultural clothes in front of the marquees
-TransitiontoKayseri Airport

NOTE:Depending on the weather, the daily programs could exchange because our main purpose is taking the best photos ever!
-A guide and a translator will be with us for entire tour.
-The hotels could change according to the season and bookings of the hotels. But always the hotels will be at the same standard.
-Meals will choose from special flavors and cuisine of every city and services will be provided from the most famous restaurants in the city.
During this tour, as a photography tour you will have the best photographic locations with the consulting of our professional photographer Nuri Çorbacıoğlu, as a expedition tour you will see the best points, rarely known places of the cities with our guide and lastly asagourmet tour, you will have the best cuisine of the places, you won’t turn back until you taste every special food!
**The workshop fee does not include airline tickets.
Services Included to the Tuition:Photo consulting
2 nights’ accommodation,
3 morning breakfast,
3 lunches,
2 evening meals,
All soft drinks in meals,All transfers,
Tips for the horsemen and all other tips

Services Do not Included to the Tuition:
Flight ticketsHotel extras
Personal expensesAlcohols
Entrance to the museums

•Nuri Çorbacıoğlu Journey to Anatolia Photo Tours have the right of change the program content according to weather conditions, road conditions and unintentional adverse situations.
•In case of the tour cannot fill the minimum quota, the tour will be canceled, the participants will be informed about the cancel and the attendance fee will be payback.
•Hotels could change because of the sessions or different reasons. But the quality of the hotels and services always will be standard.

•In the event that the traveler puts up a termination notice due to the compulsory conditions 30 days before the tour starts, we shall refund to the traveler the amount of the tour charges after deduction of the amount pertaining to expenses, compulsory taxes, duties and similar legal obligations and non-refundable documented payments to the third parties.
•50% of the tour package fee will be refunded for cancellations made 30 days or less, If the cancellation is made 7 days or less before the tour date, the entire package fee will not be refunded. Travel insurance cancellation conditions apply.
•Wide Angle, Mid-Zoom and Telephoto Lenses
•Memory card
•Weather-appropriate clothing. (Polar for star posing hours)
•Walking shoes and comfortable trousers to protect the ankle.

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